Beginner Class

M/W/Th – 6:00 PM

  Age 4+

    1st and 2nd year wrestlers of all ages that are just beginning in the sport of wrestling.

Intermediate Class

M/W/Th – 6:00 PM

  Age 7+

    Wrestlers that have some basic experience of wrestling at an average skill level.

Advanced Class

M/W/Th – 6:00 PM

  Age 10+

    Wrestlers that are competing on the state and national level. This training is more intense.

Private Lessons

Tu/Su – 7:30 PM

  Age 8+

    Any wrestler that is committed to taking their skill level to the highest levels. (Very Intense course)



Latest Accomplishments

TTA had a great weekend of wrestling at The Allen Tournament of Champions!! Here are a few highlights and a list of our placers!!!

Maxwell Carson: Tot 35-38 4th Place

Ryker Herod: Tot 52 4th Place

Eli Butler: Tot 56-63 2nd Place

Miles Cain: D1 46 Open 3rd Place and D1 46 Novice 3rd Place

Akeem Jackson: D1 50 Open 3rd Place and D1 Novice 4th Place

Reid Carson: D2 55 Open 3rd Place

Josh Herman: D3 80 Open 2nd Place

India Arias: Girls 2 50-55 4th Place

Hanna Givens Girls 3: 55-60 2nd Place

Matti Givens: Girls 3 70 1st Place

Graham Carson: D2 61 Novice 1st Place

Wyatt Jeans: D3 85 Novice 4th Place





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Upcoming Events

 December 21st:

Stockyard Stampede in Fort Worth, TX


December 28th: 

Texan Scramble- Local


Challenge of the Talons in Okmulgee, OK – Out of Town


January 3rd & 4th:






We Are Dedicated to Training Champions!

Our focus is to help young boys and girls become champions on and off the mat.  We are dedicated to helping our community


  • Kyle Carson
  • Owner & Head Coach

  • Sabrina Carson
  • Owner,  Event Coordinator,  and Marketing

  • Print Givens
  • Volunteer Coach

  • Timothy Brock
  • Volunteer Coach

  • Carlos Arias
  • Volunteer Coach