USA Wrestling, the organization that regulates all wrestling in the United States, requires that all wrestlers purchase a USA Wrestling Card Membership before participating in any USA Wrestling sanctioned events, including club practices, camps, clinics, etc.This membership is for the protection of everyone involved and provides secondary insurance to those with the membership.
YES! You must fill out and sign the medical information and waiver forms required by USA Wrestling. These completed and signed forms must be kept on file with TTA along with a copy of the membership card and your birth certificate. You can complete these forms when you register with TTA. Please let us know if you have any trouble completing these forms or if you have any questions.
To buy your USA Wrestling Membership Card, please go to https://www.usawmembership.com. The purchase price is $40 and covers membership for one year; from September through August. You may purchase your membership at any time during the year, however, the membership benefits do not apply retroactively and expire at the end of August each year. Your USA Wrestling Membership Card number will remain the same each year.
In the unfortunate case of an injury, please go to http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Membership/Insurance-Information.aspx to find all of the information and forms that you will need to submit a claim with USA Wrestling.
First go to http://www.usawmembership.com. Then click on the link to have your login information emailed to you. Enter your USA Wrestling ID or email address. If you enter your USA Wrestling ID, the system will email the login information for that USA Wrestling ID to the email address associated with that ID.
Login to the membership system at usawmembership.com. Click 'Profile' in the upper right corner of the screen OR in your left menu. Scroll down to the athlete, coach, and/or official area of your profile. Click on the red link that says “PRINT CARD.” It is not necessary to put anything in the card number field to print the card out.


To register for tournaments, go to www.trackwrestling.com. Click on “Events” and then click on the “Search” button. Enter information about the tournament for which you want to register. When you find the tournament, click on its name or on the “Pre-register” link to the right of the name and follow the prompts for registration.
This will be on a case to case basis.We like our wrestlers to feel fully confident on the mat before competing. If the coaches do not feel that the wrestler is confident then we like to have them just practice for the first year and start loving the sport before competing.
You will need a YYA singlet to compete for our club. We like all of our wrestlers to look the same because it supports team comradery and shows our dominance at tournaments. We have singlets for sale and a few extra singlets that former wrestlers have grown out of if you need to borrow one.
There are basically two types of tournaments, individual and dual meets (duals). Club tournaments are all individual tournaments. In individual tournaments wrestlers in each weight class are in a double elimination bracket wrestle through that bracket to determine the weight class champion. When tournaments have five or less kids in the weight class, they usually run a round robin bracket, which means that you will wrestle everyone at your weight before a champion is determined. Wrestlers in individual tournaments also earn team points based on their match results. This type of tournament structure results in individual champions as well as a team champion for the tournament. In a dual meet, two teams compete against each other at each weight class (14 matches) and earn points based on the match results. The team with the most points wins the dual. There are also tri and quad dual meets (3 and 4 teams participate) as well as dual tournaments. A dual tournament is comprised of teams in a round robin and/or bracket that advance through a series of duals to determine a champion.


There are two wrestling seasons: Folkstyle and Freestyle/Greco-Roman (“FS/GR”). The “wrestling year” starts in September with the Folkstyle Pre-season, which usually ends near the end of October when the Folkstyle season begins. The Folkstyle season begins with the first tournament of the year and ends with the state tournament near the end of February. The FS/GR season begins near the end of March with the first tournament of the season and ends near the end of May with the state tournament, but RockStar begins training for the season immediately following the Folkstyle state tournament. Regional and national FS/GR tournaments follow the state tournament. These tournaments are during RockStar’s FS/GR Post-season. The club holds practices and summer camps during this period to help wrestlers train for these events and to get ready for the upcoming Folkstyle season.
There are several major differences between Folkstyle, Freestyle, and Greco-Roman wrestling styles. One of the biggest differences is that Greco-Roman consists of all upper body wrestling. It is illegal to touch or use your legs to gain position or prevent your opponent’s attack. For additional information about the different styles of wrestling, including the point systems and rules, please visit the “Freestyle/Greco-Roman” and “Folkstyle” pages of our website.
No. The United States is the only country with Folkstyle wrestling and this is the style that is wrestled in the school system, including colleges and universities. Freestyle and Greco-Roman are the two wrestling styles that are wrestled at the World Championships and the Olympics.


There are several age divisions and weight classes. The division in which you wrestle is dependent upon your birth date and experience. Weight classes are dependent upon how much you weigh at the time you weigh-in for a tournament. To determine which division and weight class applies to you, go to http://content.themat.com/forms/Weights.pdf.
If you weigh more than the weight class for which you registered at the time that you weigh-in, then you will not be allowed to participate in the tournament at that weight class. You will however be allowed to participate at a higher weight class.


Please contact us directly and/or refer to the "Registration" page of our website.
Yes. Registration is always ongoing so you may join TTA anytime during the season.
We might be able to prorate you club dues depending upon how late it is in the season. Please contact us directly to discuss any questions about prorating your dues or if you have any other questions about your dues.
We have a drop in rate of $15 per practice. If you do not think that you will be able to make it to practice more than once per week, then the drop-in rate might be best option for you. Please contact us directly to discuss any questions about prorating your dues or if you have any other questions about your dues.
Yes. We offer FREE private lessons on practice days from 5:00-5:30pm, but you must schedule your private lesson in advance. If you are interested in additional private lessons, please contact us directly to discuss times and cost.
Yes. The first wrestler is full price, the second is 25% off, the third is 50% off, and the fourth is 100% off. These discounts are only applicable if all dues are paid at the start of your training.
Yes. The first referral discounts your dues by 25%, the second by 50%, the third by 100%. These discounts are only applicable if the wrestlers who you refer are new to RockStar and pay for an entire season or the All-Inclusive Discount Package.


Shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants are all great to practice in, but be sure that they do not have any zippers or metal buttons because they can cause injuries. You should also wear socks and wrestling shoes to practice. If you are just getting started and do not yet have wrestling shoes, you can wear socks and very clean running/athletic shoes. We ask that you get wrestling shoes as soon as possible because only wearing socks or running/athletic shoes could cause an ankle or other injury due to the lack of support that wrestling shoes provide.
Dick’s Sporting goods store has shoes, headgear, and knee pads. For more options you can go to http://www.wrestlinggear.com.
You will need a TTA singlet to compete for our club. We like all of our wrestlers to look the same because it supports team comradery and shows our dominance at tournaments. We have singlets for sale and a few extra singlets that former wrestlers have grown out of if you need to borrow one.
We like all of our wrestlers to look the same at tournaments because it supports team comradery and makes it easier for the coaches to see all of our wrestlers. We will have as many as 50 wrestlers competing at tournaments and it is imperative that we be able to easily spot our wrestlers so that we do not miss their matches. TTA required gear includes a TTA t-shirt, shorts, and singlet.
You only need one singlet for the Folkstyle season. You need both a red singlet and a blue singlet for the Freestyle/Greco-Roman season. RockStar has singlets for sale. Please contact us for questions about sizes and availability.